About Us

More than 80,000 Masons in Pennsylvania and several million worldwide continue to help men and women face the challenges of the 21st century by building bridges of brotherhood and instilling in the hearts of men ideals for a better tomorrow.
Elected Lodge Officers

Meet the chosen leaders of Prince Edwin-Spring Creek Lodge No. 486.

Our History

Explore the history of how the Prince Edwin Lodge No. 486 and Spring Creek Lodge No. 802 merged into one.

Freemasonry History

Freemasons can trace their history all the way back to the 1600’s where the same principles we live by today helped build this great nation.

Join the Brotherhood

Through Freemasonry, men from all different backgrounds and walks of life come together as equals and call each other “Brother.” What unifies Masons is not where we come from or what we do for a living, but rather what we aspire to be.